Artist Statement

Some people think art is easy because there are no wrong answers, I know it is hard because there are no right ones. 

I love photography simply because it is subjective. There are no wrong answers, only opinions.  It is something that translates in a new and different way to every individual who sees it. We bring our own experiences and lives into each piece as we make it or view it and that, more than anything, makes it unique. I create imagery for this reason. I love chasing my own originality. I love making people laugh, and cry, and think. Seeing people in their honest moments of emotion no matter what they are is glorious.

Everyone strives to be the best, but I love to be different. In everything I do I want to make it undeniably mine. I know what inspires me but will never let anything define me. In art I get to choose my own truths, I get to write my own history. And in a world where nothing seems memorable anymore because everything is so easily recorded…I make pictures that are thoughtful, I create art that is unique, I pull out honest moments of emotion from strangers, and that is the most beautiful genuine thing I could ever devote my life to.

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